Yi Jing klangspel 60cm från Regal Arts n Gifts Carlefornia/ Klangvindspel / Klangspiel (garden chime) - REA 50%

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Product Details

Height 60 cm
Material Metal / Aluminium
Features weatherproof


Product Description

Strive for a higher reality with the spiritual sound games of the Yi Jing series of our Regal® sound games. Inspiring sounds from the Far East embedded in a traditional design provide a natural balance according to the basic idea of Feng Shui. The attention to detail is impressive - on the wind catcher you will find the eight trigrams, the symbolism of which stands for prophecy in the ancient Chinese Book of Changes - the roof in the typical pagoda look blends perfectly into the overall picture of the sound games.

Regal® sound games stand for quality, durability and precision. The bell is made of high-quality aluminium and subsequently painted - the other components, the wind catcher and the roof, are made of painted wood. The Yi Jing series is available in three different versions, each of which is precisely tuned by hand. They are weatherproof and have a practical, extra large hook suspension. The exclusive Regal® emblem on the wind catcher completes the stylish design in a unique way.