Viking Vindsnurra

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Beställningsvara ca. 10 arbetsdagars leveranstid.

Product details

Wind paddles Ø 48 cm
Dimension, motif 20 x 48 cm
Frame durable fibreglass, extra strong
Fabric reinforced SunTex polyester fabric / appliqué
Characteristics UV-resistant and weatherproof
Accessories ground stake

Product description

The WhirliGig JR WIKINGER is a funny windgame! It offers an extraordinary design. So, if you are looking for an unusual, funny wind spinner, the WhirliGig JR WIKINGER is a perfect choice.

Even in a breeze, the wind paddles begin to rotate. The reinforced SunTex polyester fabric is UV-resistant and weatherproof. The frame and the standing rod are made of durable fibreglass. Thus, you can enjoy it for a long time.


The windgame shows a Nordic Viking. A long blond beard, a Viking helmet with horns and 4 axes, that are swinging around in the wind - these details make the WhirliGig JR WIKINGER a true eye-catcher for any garden.