Väggdekoration i Glas - Décor Ugglor på led

Ordinarie pris 699 kr

Inklusive moms. Frakt beräknats i kassan.

Gör ett statement I trädgården, terassen eller uterummet med en otroligt eleganta uglor från Tyska Colours in Motion.

Tryckt i elegant stil. Tål vädrets makter bra.

Mått:  71 x 38 cm


Product details i English

Dimensions 67 x 44 cm
Material metal / sublimation printing
Accessories Wall mounting with suspension lugs
Characteristics weatherproof

Product description

The branch with owls sitting on it is made of metal and decorated in sublimation print with coloured owls. The leaf veins are stamped into the leaves and give the leaves a natural shape.
The metal wall decoration is an absolute eye-catcher in the living area or in the garden.

The high-quality metal is weatherproof. A practical wall attachment with hanging loops is on the back.