Väggdekoration i Glas - Décor Ugglor i träd

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Inklusive moms. Frakt beräknats i kassan.

Gör ett statement I trädgården, terassen eller uterummet med eleganta ugglor från Tyska Colours in Motion.

Handmålad i elegant stil. Tål vädrets makter bra.

Mått:  67 x 44 cm


Product details

Dimensions 67 x 44 cm
Material metal / glass
Accessories hidden wall mounting at backside
Characteristics weatherproof, thick-walled and multiple burned glass

Product description

The owl tree is made of metal with a hammerblow look and is decorated with elaborately designed owls, that are designed in sublimation printing color. The leaf veins are stamped into the leaves and give the leaves a natural shape.
The metal wall decoration is an absolute eye-catcher in the living area or in the garden.

The high-quality metal is weatherproof. A practical wall attachment with hanging loops is on the back.