Väggdekoration i Glas - Décor Påfågel

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Inklusive moms. Frakt beräknats i kassan.

Gör ett statement I trädgården, terassen eller uterummet med en stor och otroligt elegant påfågel från Tyska Colours in Motion.

Handmålad i elegant stil. Tål vädrets makter bra.

Mått:  71 x 38 cm


Product details

Dimensions 71 x 38 cm
Material metal / glass
Accessories hidden wall mounting at backside
Characteristics weatherproof, thick-walled and multiple burned glass

Product description

Inspired by the living model, this colourful peacock looks almost alive. This extraordinary wall decoration is perfect to beautify any living space, arbour or pergola. A high-quality combination of hand-painted thick-walled and multiple burned glass and decorative metal.

The Wall Décor - Peacock is equipped with a hidden wall mounting at the backside. Hung indoors or out, this friendly creature will add interest and pop of colour to your space.