Väderkvarn 77 Vindsnurra

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Product details

Wind wheel Ø 47 / 44 cm
Rudder 40 x 26 cm
Height 110 cm
Frame durable fibreglass
Fabric tear-resistant spinnaker polyester fabric
Characteristics UV-resistant and weatherproof

Product description

The windgame is equipped with two counterrotating wind wheels with six wings in rainbow colours. In motion it creates a unique play of colours. The rudder turns with the wind - so it is a reliable wind direction indicator.

The high-quality and well processed material ensures weather resistance. In addition, the wind wheel is secured by a fixing cap. Thus, a long lifetime is guaranteed. The Windmill 66 Lighthouse is a beautiful decoration for any outdoor space!


The Windmill 66 Lighthouse is brightly coloured and the rudder showa a lighthouse. So it is an appealing sight even in still air conditions.