Solcellslampa kalla i glas i fler färger!

Ordinarie pris 599 kr

Inklusive moms. Frakt beräknats i kassan.

Beställningsvara ca. 12 arbetsdagars leveranstid.

Under dagen glimmrar kallan I vackra färger från det speciella konstglaset I solens strålar mean batteries laddas. Batteriet är förövrigt utbytbart. Under natten uppnås en liknande gnistrande effekt fast då av ledlamporna som lyser upp glaset om natten. Har av och på knapp. Kommer ifrån Regal Arts n Gifts I USA. 


Product details

Dimension (Storlek) 10 x 105 cm
Material metal and acrylic glass
Characteristics weatherproof, non-corrosive, lights up at night
Special incl. premium solar panel and energy saving LED light

Product description

 During the day the acrylic bubble wand in the center of the Solar Bubble Calla catches the light and sparkles. At night it illuminates for any truly spectacular effect. Try one as a flowerbed accent or several for a brilliant display.

In daylight the solar panel absorbs the sun s natural energy. An energy saving LED light automatically turns on at night (provides ON/OFF-switch to turn off the light completely).


The Solar Bubble Calla - Yellow is made of beautifully detailled and colourfully lacquered metal and an acrylic bubble wand. A premium solar panel and energy saving LED light are included. Premium materials ensure durability and weather resistance.

This wonderful decorativ item by Regal Art and Gift - the American top brand - is exclusively available at Colours in Motion. It is delivered in an appealing and sturdy individual packaging.