Petite Fox vindsnurra från Amerikanska Premier Kites. REA 25%! / Wind wheel /game

Ordinarie pris 399 kr

Inklusive moms. Frakt beräknats i kassan.

En riktig kvalitetsvindsnurra från Amerikanska Premier Kites. 

Denna säsong REA 25%!

Vindhjulet Ø 32 cm
Motivet  43 x 27 cm
Ram av starkt glasfiber  
Tyg:  SunTex polyester tyg 
UV-resistant och vattenfast

Product details

Wind wheel Ø 32 cm
Motif 43 x 27 cm
Frame durable fibreglass
Fabric SunTex polyester fabric / applique
Characteristics UV-resistant and weatherproof


Product description

The Petite FOX offers a wonderful design. It is shaped like a clever fox with a wind wheel in the body s core.

This windgame by PremierKites - an American top brand - offers best quality in terms of design, material and processing. It is made of SunTex polyester fabric and durable fibreglass rods. A clever plug system ensures stability and an easy assembly.

The windgame is equipped with a four-winged propeller in the body s core of the bird. Even in a breeze the wind wheel rotates and creates the impression of a flying fox. A real eye-catcher in any outdoor area!