KATANA Röd - Sport- / Länkdrake för två händer / Tvåhandsdrake

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Inklusive moms. Frakt beräknats i kassan.

Product details

Dimension 175 x 90 cm
Kite line 2x 25 m / 60 daN / on rolls
Frame 6 mm fibreglass
Fabric ripstop polyester fabric / appliqué
Wind range 2 to 6 bft
Suitable for 8 years +
Characteristics for beginners

Product description

The KATANA is a perfect option for the beach holiday and also for kite flying on the inland. The kite is very suitable for medium wind conditions, but it also can be flown in gusty wind conditions very well. This kite is a more fascinating fun kite - a true MUST HAVE!

Flight characteristics

First choice for medium wind speed, easy to handle. The kite flies evenly and can be controlled easily.

Warning! To be used under the direct supervision of an adult.
Not suitable for children under 3 years. Strangulation hazard due to long cord! Contains small swallowable parts! Do not use near overhead powerlines, or during thunderstorms! Do not use near airports or approach paths! Maximum length of kite line: 100 m (in Germany)!