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Product details

Diameter, wind wheels (Hjulens diameter) 2x 18 cm
Motif (Motiv) 51x 31 cm
Total height (Tot. Höjd) 160 cm
Material, standing pole (Stång) metal tube, powder-coated, 3-parted with wing screws
Material, wind wheels (Vindhjul / Hjul) metal, powder-coated, ball bearing
Characteristics (Karrakteristika) weatherproof (Vattentålig), non-corrosive (Rostskyddsbehandl.)
Special hand-painted (handbemålad), multicoloured, with antique effect

Product description

The Yellow Bike Metall is a detailed worked metal wind game with the shape of a motorcycle. An attractive decoration for gardens, flower beds or terraces.

The material is powder-coated with colour - thus, it is corrosion protected. Then, the wind game is hand-painted with design colour. Additionally, it has an antique effect. Due to the retro-look, the lacquering has irregularities.

Delivery in a sturdy individual packaging.