Cyckel City Bike Grön Vindspel / Vindsnurra / Bike / Bicyckel / Velo / Wind Game / Wind Wheel

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Cykelvindsnurra i metall är en detaljerat bearbetad metallvindspel i form av en motorcykel. En attraktiv dekoration för trädgårdar, blomsterbäddar eller terrasser.

Metallen är pulverlackerat med färg - så att den är rostskyddad. Sedan är vindspelet handmålat med designfärg. Dessutom har den en antik finish. På grund av retro-looken har lackeringen ojämnheter.





Product details

Diameter, wheels 16 cm
Motiv 38 x 9 cm
Total heigth 130 cm
Robe Metal tube, powder coated, 3 pieces with wing screws
Wind turbines Metal, powder-coated, ball-bearing
Characteristics weatherproof
Special hand-painted, multicolored, with antique effect

Product description

This decorative metal bicycle is a unique highlight for the home. It impresses with its typical bicycle shape and has a basket both at the front and at the back. It is easy to imagine sitting on the wide saddle and letting the spoked wheels fly. A beautiful bike, with the grandma probably could have gone to the market shopping.
This city bike is a detailed decoration element. All parts were hand-made and painted. The retro-look of course also includes irregularities in the paint - these are intentional and support the charming antique effect. A smaller version of the popular Bicycle series.