BEETLE-X15 Sunset - Sport- / Länkdrake för två händer / Tvåhandsdrake

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Om produkten

Product details

Dimension 150 x 83 cm
Kite line 2x 25m / 25 daN / braided polyester incl. straps
Frame 3 mm carbon fibre
Fabric ripstop, light nylon fabric / appliqué
Wind range 1 to 4 bft
Suitable for 8 years +

Product description

The BEETLE-X15 Sunset is the follow-up version of the popular BEETLE. This stunt kite is an absolutely expert for the light wind conditions. The kite is made completely from lightweight materials. Also, the kite has no cross-spar to reduce weight. Nevertheless, the kite is contructed robustly. First choice for low wind conditions!

However, the BEETLE-X15 offers even more! Supplemented by the BEETLE-X15 Booster Kit (available separately) the kite is also suitable for windy days with up to 6 bft.

A practical advantage: Should the kite get damaged in a crash, it can be reordered as spare part.

Flight characteristics

The lightweight but robust BEETLE-X15 Sunset is a light-wind-specialist and flies already in low wind conditions with 1 bft stable. The kite can also be flown with more wind up to 4 bft. Upgraded with the BEETLE-X15 Booster Kit (available separately) the kite can even be flown in stronger winds with up to 6 bft. Thus, the Booster Kit is a useful addition - perfect for all kite pilots who want to fly the kite in any wind condition.

Warning! To be used under the direct supervision of an adult.
Not suitable for children under 3 years. Strangulation hazard due to long cord! Contains small swallowable parts! Do not use near overhead powerlines, or during thunderstorms! Do not use near airports or approach paths! Maximum length of kite line: 100 m (in Germany)!