Liam llama 40cm / Lama 40 cm från Tyska Steiff - CE-MÄRKT - Knopf im Ohr

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Liam llama is a great guy. Standing a whole 40 cm tall, he is made of cream coloured cuddly soft plush and has a white shaggy mane. Liam is always game to have fun. He has bending wires in his legs so that Liam can make your little darling laugh when he is placed in the funniest positions. Liam is a small cheeky rascal for having great fun with. He is a very special gift idea!



Article Number: 104183
Size: 40 CM
Color: Vit
Material: made of cuddly soft woven fur
Filling: stuffed with synthetic filling material
Composure: standing
Eyes: with safety eyes
Button: with stainless steel "Button in Ear"
Washability: machine washable at 30° C