Gigant Gartenstecker 44x162cm - DAISY - Tusensköna

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Inklusive moms. Frakt beräknats i kassan.

Beställningsvara ca. 12 arbetsdagars leveranstid.

Gör ett statement I trädgården med en gigantisk metallblomma från amerikanska Regal Art and Gift - the American top brand.

Handmålad i rustik stil. Tål vädrets makte mycket bra.

44 x 162 cm


Product details

Dimensions 44 x 162 cm
Material metal
Characteristics weatherproof

Product description

With the charm of weathered metal, the hand-painted rustic flower comes alive in vibrant colours. The giant flower works well as both stand-alone piece, or you can group several garden stakes to make an eye-catching statement.

The flower garden stake DAISY is made of high-quality, weatherproof metal with a colourful rustic finish. The premium material ensures longevity.

This attractive decorativ item by Regal Art and Gift - the American top brand