Ballongdjur - Kit med 80sidors instruktionsbok, pump och 20 balonger i olika färger

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Gör dina egna ballongdjur - Kit med 80sidors noggrann steg, för steg instruktionsbok, pump och 20st 30,5cm långa speciella balonger i olika färger för att göra olika djur och andra ballongkreationer.



Detailed instruction book detailing how to make balloon animals along with a pump and 20 colourful balloons. The 80-page booklet features step-by-step instructions on how to make a number of balloon animals including dog, bunnies, teddy bears and more. It comes with everything necessary to get started, making it ideal for craft lovers as well as party planners and more. As such, it can be fit into a great number of ranges to add something a little different.

  • Balloon modelling kit
  • Makes colourful balloon animals
  • 80-page instruction book
  • 20 colourful modelling balloons
  • Balloon pump
  • 30.5cm